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Rad Roots


Rad Roots Nature School holds intention to hold a safe and caring space for all students to grow, learn, and explore with each passing day, and season. Children learn about and build resilience with Native plants and connected ecosystems who support us, while forming connections with the natural world, friends, and themselves. Children develop confidence, wonder, and foster magic in a nurturing, explorative environment. This nature preschool program is for ages 2-6 and the after school program is 5-9 years old.

This program is a small, trusting pod. It is unique in it's small student numbers (5-8 students).

This creates a culture of trust between students, teacher, and a strong sense of community in our Coyote pack.

We hold program entirely outside and revel in playing in the dirt! We practice groundedness with our barefeet and reach for the sky with our creativity!

Get in touch with us today to nurture your child's roots.

Nature Preschool: Mon-Fri 9:30 A.M to 12:30 P.M
Point Loma - La Mesa

After School Program: Tu/Th
Hardy - Rolando Park

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